Substance Abuse and Overdose Prevention PAC


Who we are.

Our purpose

The Substance Use Policy, Education, & Recovery PAC is a non-partisan organization that provides education to voters and candidates about evidence-based substance use policies and overdose prevention efforts, takes positions on substance use and overdose prevention policies, and endorses candidates who are advocates committed to drug policies that uphold health, safety, and human rights.


Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more or sitting down with us, please email us at

Our policy platform 

You can find a draft of our policy platform here. You can also find information about our plans for a new approach to substance use in RI here.

Please email us with any questions or feedback.

Our objectives

  • Educate the public and lawmakers about evidence-based policies and practices that prevent overdose deaths, decrease the negative effects of the criminal justice system, and keep people safe and healthy as it relates to drug use.  

  • Educate the public about legislators and candidates who are champions or barriers to public health approaches to substance use disorder and overdose and/or advancing criminal justice reform as it relates to drug use.

  • Endorse or oppose specific policies and practices and lobby on behalf or in opposition to those policies

  • Endorse or oppose specific candidates/legislators and support candidates through official endorsements, promotional material, donations, and volunteer services.